Ravna Gora offers many opportunities for those who love hiking. This mountain – considered to be the last branch of the Alps and the northernmost mountain of Croatia – is located in the area of the Bednja River and is 13 kilometres long.

Trakošćan – Meljan-Filićev dom – Ravna gora – PD Ravna gora – Meljan – Trakošćan

The starting point is the parking area of the Trakošćan Hotel, opposite the Trakošćan Castle. The first marking is the entrance to the forest near the hotel and a 1 h gentle climb to the village of Vrbanići, which offers several options to resume your hiking – the trail towards the Pasjak cellar, the Velike pećine and the trail across Meljan.

The most attractive, but also the most difficult, trail goes across the Velike pećine, while the trail through Meljan is easier and the ascent goes through vineyards and along a long ravine.

  • Duration: 04:56 min
  • Total length: 10.9 km
  • Energy spent: 10,425 calories
  • Effort: hard
  • Trail blazing: good

Trakošćan – PD Pusti duh – Ravna gora

Departure from the parking area at the Trakošćan Hotel. From the intersection in Kotarščak, there is an intersection near Pasko’s cellar, where the right trail goes through the hamlet of Paski towards the mountain chalet of Pusti duh, while the left trail continues in a wide path along the contour towards the hamlet of Šveci above Cvetlin. Just behind the hamlet, in the woods on the right side, there is an alpine-clad path that climbs through the rocks to the summit of Velike pećine. There is a sightseeing pyramid at the top.

  • Duration: 01:41 min
  • Total length: 5.8 km
  • Energy spent: 3,576 calories
  • Effort: easy
  • Trail blazing: good