The forest area extends from the southwest to northeast area and it forms a part of the protected natural area of the Trakošćan Park Forest. It is one of the most beautifully formed parks with rich vegetation and interesting vistas and it provides a unique experience of untouched nature.

The Trakošćan Lake is an artificial reservoir formed in the mid-19th century. The lake receives water from streams that flow down the slopes of the surrounding highlands, the most important being the Čemernica stream. The lake has a dual function – agronomic and aesthetic.


The Trakošćan Educational Trail – ‘The Path of the Fairies’

An educational trail has been set up on the trail around Lake Trakošćan, providing an insight into the natural values of the Trakošćan Park Forest and the surrounding area. It is 5 kilometres long and can be viewed with an easy walk in about 1h and 20 min. It has 20 instructional points and a fishing lodge, which is designed as an info point intended for a break during the walk.

  • Duration: 01:20 min
  • Total length: 5 km
  • Energy spent: up to 1,000 calories
  • Effort: easy
  • Trail blazing: good