Come, stay & explore

Explore the natural beauty!
Trakošćan and its green surroundings are full of adventure! It is an ideal destination for all of those
who want to relax, explore, or engage themselves. It’s just up to you to embark on an adventure…

You mustn’t leave Trakošćan without visiting its symbol – the Trakošćan castle. One of the most
beautiful castles in Europe is located near our hotel. Browse the vast collections of weapons, books,
utensils, or furniture, walk through the court kitchen or the self-contained dungeon, the Knight’s
Hall, or the library, which today holds around 1700 books.

Explore the trails of the protected park-forest Trakošćan – with one of the most beautifully formed
park units, lush vegetation, and captivating landscapes. They provide a unique experience of
untouched nature. Take a walk along the promenade around the Lake Trakošćan, which is located
at 246 meters above sea level. Walk, explore, relax, breathe.

Experience the milling tradition of the region. Visit the old but renewed mill Friščić. With the help
of this picturesque mill, flour is obtained with the help of water from a stream. There are two
sculptures of the miller Andrija and a woman with braids carrying water over her head, as was
once the custom.

Visit the city of Varaždin – the baroque capital of Croatia, which is located just a few kilometers
from Trakošćan. Explore the old town and tour the Baroque palaces.

In addition to walking, the surroundings of Trakošćan provide many interesting activities for those
with an adventurous spirit. Go hiking, paragliding, quad, or bike rides. You can play tennis on our
courts or swim in the pool.
Explore Trakošćan and its surroundings – there is something for everyone!