In order to ensure a relaxed and safe use of indoor swimming pool and saunas, from 31 March 2021 we have introduced mandatory swimming pool and sauna booking slots. Bookings can be made at reception. 

Classic massage

Everybody needs it. Long movements will increase circulation and reduce stress while deep movements will resolve your tensions and pain.

Sports massage

Release your body with a quick and rhythmic massage with stretching elements.

Relax Massage

Massaging the entire body with aromatic oils will make your mind calm.

Massage with honey and almond oil

Revitalize your skin with honey and almond oil.

Massage for pregnant women

Get rid of stress and restore energy. This massage will help each of future mothers to greet the birth of their little prince or princess more relaxed.

Children’s massage

The kids want to be “big” let them feel that way. With massage we can monitor the development of the child, preserve its health and, most importantly, build up the healthy habits for life.

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