The cozy ambience of our restaurants is the right place for your superb royal experience overlooking one of the most beautiful castles in Europe.

The forgotten recipes of grandma’s dishes are waiting for you in our brand new restaurant in our beautiful Zagorje ambience. Whether you want gourmet delight surrounded by greenery on our hotel terrace or you want to enjoy just below the castle we offer you a choice of 3 restaurants.

Two hotel restaurants, an a la carte restaurant ‘Arx Thacorum’, a hotel restaurant ‘Drašković’, and a separate restaurant just below the castle offer a variety of delicacies, and as a special feature, we serve traditional Zagorje dishes.

New À la carte menu


Brunch in the Hotel Trakošćan

Wondering what a brunch is? Brunch is simply a breakfast + lunch or a meal that is enjoyed from late morning until early afternoon, and combines food that is served both for breakfast and for lunch. Usually brunch is prepared on weekends, when people wake up later and have more time to enjoy this delicious meal.

Whether you want to come with a family, as a couple or you want to come enjoy alone this new trend in our hotel follows all of the world’s hotels and restaurants. Brunch is available on request.