In order to ensure a relaxed and safe use of indoor swimming pool and saunas, from 31 March 2021 we have introduced mandatory swimming pool and sauna booking slots. Bookings can be made at reception. 

Due to a number of beneficial effects on the organism, Finnish sauna, which is often called a dry sauna because of the very hot and dry air, is one of the most popular saunas in the world.
The Finnish sauna is a wooden room with benches where the air temperature ranges from 70 to 100 ° C. The air humidity in this sauna is about 15%, and is obtained by pouring hot water on stones that are usually placed in the corner. Before entering the sauna, a short shower is recommended to remove sweat and impurities from the skin. It is suggested to enter quickly and immediately close the door to prevent cold air entering.

Once you enter, sit on your towel and comfortably place yourself on one of the benches. To estimate the length of your stay in the sauna, your personal feeling is most important, although it is usually recommended that a sauna visit lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. After getting out of the sauna, you must take a shower to cool the body, but be sure to first shower your feet, legs and hands and then the rest of the body. After a shower, it is recommended to rest in this relaxed relaxation area, where you can drink tea or refresh with water or fruit to make up for lost fluid. The whole procedure is usually repeated 3 times.

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