Hotel Trakošćan is located on the picturesque hills of Zagorje county and as such represents the perfect destination for nature lovers that seek peace and quiet. Because of its excellent location, it represents a perfect retreat for travelers travelling to further destinations, such as our breath-taking Croatian coast, but it is a perfect choice also for those travelers, who would love to explore the surrounding area, rich with history, culture, great food and amazing wine.

Nearby attractions include the following attractions:

Trakošćan Castle


Trakošćan Castle is certainly one of the leading tourist attractions in the area of ​​northwestern Croatia, or the wider area of ​​Croatian Zagorje. The impression that Trakošćan Castle has on the side of the park and the local guests is always the same: the enthusiasm and the enchantment of the opportunity to enjoy both in the museum and in the always careful and carefully landscaped parkland environment.

Trakošćan Castle is specific in fact, not only in Croatia but also in the world, with the fact that it presents the original preserved interior and exhibits used by the owner of the Drašković family in the previous centuries, or has not filled his or her set up with a subsequently inventory inventory such as the case with most other European and world castles.



Veliki Tabor

Veliko Trgovišće