In order to ensure a relaxed and safe use of indoor swimming pool and saunas, from 31 March 2021 we have introduced mandatory swimming pool and sauna booking slots. Bookings can be made at reception. 

In Turkish saunas the temperatures are lower than in the Finnish sauna and range from 40 to 50 ° C, while the air humidity is very high, from 80 to 100%. It is precisely because of high humidity that this type of bath is usually coated with stone, tiles or plastic. In the Turkish bath, go in quickly and then shower yourself at the spot you are going to sit in with the foreseen shower. Since the temperature in the steam bath is lower than in the Finnish, it is suitable for longer-term relaxation.

Apart from the relaxation of the body and the muscles, hot steam induces sweating which results in the release of toxins from the body and the cleansing of the skin. By the action of the heat the pores are opened and the epidermis of dehydrated cells, fat and other impurities are purified. As a result, the skin is renewed and becomes soft, fresh and well-groomed. Since heat accelerates blood flow, the overall blood circulation in the body improves and its resistance to the various pathogens.

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