Come, stay & taste

Taste the traditional flavours of the beautiful Zagorje – the same ones that once spread through the
farmyards with pleasant smells, or the ones that came from the court kitchens. The taste of tradition
will capture all of your senses. Zagorje is full of different gastronomic adventures – from local
home-made products from various family farms, forgotten recipes of our grandmother’s dishes in
a completely new guise, to rustic surroundings in the middle of beautiful greenery.

The simplicity and originality of our homemade products best represent our local dishes and
drinks. Choose something from our new a la carte menu, which offers a variety of delicacies and
a wide range of traditional Zagorje dishes combined with the Central European cuisine.

Enjoy the beautiful greenery of Zagorje on the spacious terrace of our restaurant, which overlooks
one of the most beautiful European castles – the Trakošćan Castle. We are here to prepare the best
quality meat specialties on our terrace right in front of you.

Taste some of our famous homemade fresh cheese with sour cream, ‘meso iz banjice’ (a traditional
meat dish), a tasty soup or turkey with homemade mlinci (dried flatbread). Refresh yourself with
the quality wine from our nearby vineyards.

If you haven’t tried Zagorske štrukle, you haven’t tasted the true essence of Zagorje. You can eat
them cooked or baked, as an appetizer or as a dessert. They are made from a finely rolled dough
and filled with delicious fresh cheese and are one of the most famous Croatian delicacies.
For those of you who like to wander and enjoy nature, we’ve prepared blankets and picnic baskets
filled with homemade products for the best picnic experience. It is up to you to choose the location
– whether on a green meadow, by the lake, or on a glade overlooking the castle
You can taste all of these delicacies at our restaurants.
Bon appetite!